Dear de.NBI cloud users,

we plan a huge update/upgrade of the de.NBI cloud site in Bielefeld.

The cloud  infrastructure is not available

from Monday, *2.7.2018*  7am

to Wednesday, *4.7.2018* 4 pm

Unfortunately it is impossible to update/upgrade during the normal operation. Live migration
of VMs  is not possible.

In detail we want to

– Extend and update the cloud infrastructure
– replace outdated/retired hardware
– add compute nodes
– extend the cloud storage capacity for volumes and object storage
– Update the OS running on bare metal
– Update the cloud software stack from Openstack Newton to Openstack Queens

All cloud user should/could :

– Snapshot running machines to preserve a machine state
– Use volume or object storage to save their work
– Shutdown and terminate running instances
– Any data located on local (ephemeral) discs will be lost

Any instances running on Monday, 2.7.2018 – 7am will be terminated by
support, no data will be saved. Please think about which instances to be snapshoted.
In our current setup, it is impossible to snapshot high memory instances ( > 300 GB RAM).

The downtime is however a good time to think about running instances.

Full service will be no later than available on Wednesday 4.7.2018 at 4 pm


Cloud support team

Contact: os-service@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE

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