Dear de.NBI Cloud Berlin users,

we will perform a change in our cloud network infrastructure (1) due to the major upgrade we have aldready done and (2) we changed our dns entry for shares, which will affect your usage of mountpoints for shares.

(1) During this upgrade, all hypervisors (compute hosts) need to be shut down. To prevent data loss on your instances, you should power them off in advance.

We will start the downtime September 14th 2021 9:00 CEST

We recommend powering off instances a few hours (or one day) before the planned schedule as we will start to shut down compute nodes at 09:00 CEST.

After the upgrade is done, we will inform you and you will be able to start your instances again.

(2) For shares our new path i and for dmz running vms

Please change your mountpoints (this is possible already), we will deactivate the old mount points at the end of september 2021.

Thanks a lot for your understanding.
On behalf of the de.NBI cloud team
Martin Braun

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