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The environment drives microbial trait variability in aquatic habitats
S. Beier - A. Andersson, P. Galand, C. Hochart et al. - Wiley, 2020

Diabetes changes gene expression but not DNA methylation in cardiac cells
A. Lother - O. Bondareva, A. Saadatmand, L. Pollmeier et al. - Elsevier BV,

Congenital heart disease risk loci identified by genome-wide association study in European patients
H. Lahm - M. Jia, M. Dreßen, F. Wirth et al. - American Society for Clinical Investigation,

Electroactive microorganisms in mouse feces
L. Rago - D. Popp, J. Heiker, F. Harnisch - Elsevier BV, 2021

Requirement of DNMT1 to orchestrate epigenomic reprogramming for NPM-ALK–driven lymphomagenesis
E. Redl - R. Sheibani-Tezerji, C. Cardona, P. Hamminger et al. - Life Science Alliance, LLC, 2020

MOSGA: Modular Open-Source Genome Annotator
R. Martin - T. Hackl, G. Hattab, M. Fischer - Oxford University Press (OUP), 2020

Fully phased human genome assembly without parental data using single-cell strand sequencing and long reads
D. Porubsky, . - P. Ebert, P. Audano, M. Vollger et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020

A secreted endoribonuclease ENDU-2 from the soma protects germline immortality in C. elegans
W. Qi - E. Gromoff, F. Xu, Q. Zhao et al. - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,

A reciprocal regulation of spermidine and autophagy in podocytes maintains the filtration barrier
W. Liang - K. Yamahara, C. Hernando-Erhard, S. Lagies et al. - Elsevier BV,

Corneal tissue induces transcription of metallothioneins in monocyte-derived human macrophages
J. Wolf - X. Zhuang, A. Hildebrand, S. Boneva et al. - Elsevier BV,

Synergistic biodegradation of aromatic-aliphatic copolyester plastic by a marine microbial consortium
I. Meyer-Cifuentes - J. Werner, N. Jehmlich, S. Will et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020

Survey of metaproteomics software tools for functional microbiome analysis
R. Sajulga - C. Easterly, M. Riffle, B. Mesuere et al. - Public Library of Science (PLoS),

The environment drives microbial trait variability in aquatic habitats
S. Beier - A. Andersson, P. Galand, C. Hochart et al. - Wiley, 2020

Culturing Ancient Bacteria Carrying Resistance Genes from Permafrost and Comparative Genomics with Modern Isolates
P. Afouda - G. Dubourg, A. Levasseur, P. Fournier et al. - MDPI AG,

Chlorella vulgaris and Its Phycosphere in Wastewater: Microalgae-Bacteria Interactions During Nutrient Removal
R. Wirth - B. Pap, T. Böjti, P. Shetty et al. - Frontiers Media SA,

The de.NBI / ELIXIR-DE training platform - Bioinformatics training in Germany and across Europe within ELIXIR
D. Wibberg - B. Batut, P. Belmann, J. Blom et al. - F1000 Research Ltd,

Characterizing Phage-Host Interactions in a Simplified Human Intestinal Barrier Model
M. Núñez-Sánchez - J. Colom, L. Walsh, C. Buttimer et al. - MDPI AG,

Deep learning-based diatom taxonomy on virtual slides
M. Kloster - D. Langenkämper, M. Zurowietz, B. Beszteri - Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020

Deep drilling reveals massive shifts in evolutionary dynamics after formation of ancient ecosystem
T. Wilke - T. Hauffe, E. Jovanovska, A. Cvetkoska et al. - American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2020

A complete and flexible workflow for metaproteomics data analysis based on MetaProteomeAnalyzer and Prophane
H. Schiebenhoefer - K. Schallert, B. Renard, K. Trappe et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020

Training Infrastructure as a Service
H. Rasche - B. Grüning - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,

No more business as usual: Agile and effective responses to emerging pathogen threats require open data and open analytics
D. Baker - M. van den Beek, D. Blankenberg, D. Bouvier et al. - Public Library of Science (PLoS),

Draft Genome Sequences of Three Clostridia Isolates Involved in Lactate-Based Chain Elongation
B. Liu - D. Popp, H. Sträuber, H. Harms - American Society for Microbiology, 2020

pyGenomeTracks: reproducible plots for multivariate genomic datasets
L. Lopez-Delisle - L. Rabbani, J. Wolff, V. Bhardwaj et al. - Oxford University Press (OUP),

Prevotella vespertina sp. nov., isolated from an abscess of a hospital patient
M. Buhl - M. Marschal - Microbiology Society,

SNP dependent modulation of circulating miRNAs from the miR25/93/106 cluster in patients undergoing weight loss
S. Müller - S. Wallner, G. Schmitz, T. Loew et al. - Elsevier BV,

A pan-cancer analysis reveals nonstop extension mutations causing SMAD4 tumour suppressor degradation
S. Dhamija - C. Yang, J. Seiler, K. Myacheva et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

An Interactive Visualization for Feature Localization in Deep Neural Networks
M. Zurowietz - T. Nattkemper - Frontiers Media SA, 2020

Genome‐wide cooperation of EMT transcription factor ZEB 1 with YAP and AP ‐1 in breast cancer
N. Feldker - F. Ferrazzi, H. Schuhwerk, S. Widholz et al. - EMBO,

Expression of the COVID‐19 receptor ACE2 in the human conjunctiva
C. Lange - J. Wolf, C. Auw‐Haedrich, A. Schlecht et al. - Wiley,

Lake expansion elevates equilibrium diversity via increasing colonization
T. Hauffe - D. Delicado, R. Etienne, L. Valente - Wiley, 2020

Unifying the global coding sequence space enables the study of genes with unknown function across biomes
C. Vanni - M. Schechter, S. Acinas, A. Barberán et al. - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2020

Degradation of Non-coding RNAs Promotes Recycling of Termination Factors at Sites of Transcription
T. Villa - M. Barucco, M. Martin-Niclos, A. Jacquier - Elsevier BV,

Isolation and Characterization of Pectobacterium Phage vB_PatM_CB7: New Insights into the Genus Certrevirus
C. Buttimer - C. Lynch, H. Hendrix, H. Neve et al. - MDPI AG,

Methylation Profile of X-Chromosome–Related Genes in Male Breast Cancer
M. Foschini - L. Morandi, A. Sanchez, A. Santoro et al. - Frontiers Media SA,

Active and repressed biosynthetic gene clusters have spatially distinct chromosome states
H. Nützmann - D. Doerr, A. Ramírez-Colmenero, J. Sotelo-Fonseca et al. - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2020

The Galaxy platform for accessible, reproducible and collaborative biomedical analyses: 2020 update
V. Jalili, E. Afgan, Q. Gu, D. Clements, D. Blankenberg, J. Goecks, J. Taylor, A. Nekrutenko - Oxford University Press (OUP),

Galactic Circos: User-friendly Circos plots within the Galaxy platform
H. Rasche, S. Hiltemann - Oxford University Press (OUP),

iCLIP data analysis: A complete pipeline from sequencing reads to RBP binding sites
A. Busch - M. Brüggemann, S. Ebersberger, K. Zarnack - Elsevier BV,

3′ MACE RNA-sequencing allows for transcriptome profiling in human tissue samples after long-term storage
S. Boneva - A. Schlecht, D. Böhringer, H. Mittelviefhaus et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

Sawfly Genomes Reveal Evolutionary Acquisitions That Fostered the Mega-Radiation of Parasitoid and Eusocial Hymenoptera
J. Oeyen - P. Baa-Puyoulet, J. Benoit, L. Beukeboom et al. - Oxford University Press (OUP),

ARTS 2.0: feature updates and expansion of the Antibiotic Resistant Target Seeker for comparative genome mining
M. Mungan, M. Alanjary, K. Blin, T. Weber, M. Medema, N. Ziemert - Oxford University Press (OUP), 2020

ARTS 2.0: feature updates and expansion of the Antibiotic Resistant Target Seeker for comparative genome mining
M. Mungan, M. Alanjary, K. Blin, T. Weber, M. Medema, N. Ziemert - Oxford University Press (OUP), 2020

Contrast Optimization of Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) Data Visualization by Threshold Intensity Quantization (TrIQ)
R. Winkler, I. Rosas-Román - American Chemical Society (ACS),

Connecting data, tools and people across Europe: ELIXIR’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic
N. Blomberg - K. Lauer - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

Comparative Genomics Suggests Mechanisms of Genetic Adaptation toward the Catabolism of the Phenylurea Herbicide Linuron in Variovorax
B. Öztürk, J. Werner, J. Meier-Kolthoff, B. Bunk, C. Spröer, D. Springael - Oxford University Press (OUP), 2020

The sex-specific role of p38 MAP kinase in CNS autoimmunity is regulated by estrogen receptor alpha
M. McGill - B. Sabikunnahar, Q. Fang, C. Teuscher - Elsevier BV,

The Great Oxidation Event expanded the genetic repertoire of arsenic metabolism and cycling
S. Chen - G. Sun, Y. Yan, K. Konstantinidis et al. - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2020

Comprehensive structure-function characterization of DNMT3B and DNMT3A reveals distinctive de novo DNA methylation mechanisms
L. Gao - M. Emperle, Y. Guo, S. Grimm et al. - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,

Chromosome-Scale Assembly of Winter Oilseed Rape Brassica napus
H. Lee - H. Chawla, C. Obermeier, F. Dreyer et al. - Frontiers Media SA, 2020

Microbial Resource Management for Ex Situ Biomethanation of Hydrogen at Alkaline pH
W. Logroño - D. Popp, S. Kleinsteuber, H. Sträuber et al. - MDPI AG, 2020

Evolution of Human Brain Size-Associated NOTCH2NL Genes Proceeds toward Reduced Protein Levels
G. Lodewijk - D. Fernandes, I. Vretzakis, J. Savage - Oxford University Press (OUP),

An epigenetic map of malaria parasite development from host to vector
K. Witmer - S. Fraschka, D. Vlachou, R. Bártfai - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

Laniakea: an open solution to provide Galaxy “on-demand” instances over heterogeneous cloud infrastructures
M. Tangaro, G. Donvito, M. Antonacci, M. Chiara, P. Mandreoli, G. Pesole, F. Zambelli - Oxford University Press (OUP),

Multi-omics Visualization Platform: An extensible Galaxy plug-in for multi-omics data visualization and exploration
T. McGowan, J. Johnson, P. Kumar, R. Sajulga, S. Mehta, P. Jagtap, T. Griffin - Oxford University Press (OUP),

A benchmark of hemoglobin blocking during library preparation for mRNA-Sequencing of human blood samples
F. Uellendahl-Werth - M. Wolfien, A. Franke, O. Wolkenhauer - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

Draft genome sequence of Kocuria indica DP-K7, a methyl red degrading actinobacterium
S. Kumaran - A. Ngo, F. Schultes, D. Tischler - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

Identification of X-chromosomal genes that drive global X-dosage effects in embryonic stem cells
O. Genolet - A. Monaco, I. Dunkel, M. Boettcher - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,

PromA Plasmids Are Instrumental in the Dissemination of Linuron Catabolic Genes Between Different Genera
J. Werner - E. Nour, B. Bunk, C. Spröer et al. - Frontiers Media SA, 2020

Identification and validation of reference genes for RT-qPCR normalization in wheat meiosis
J. Garrido - M. Aguilar, P. Prieto - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

Pluripotency factors select gene expression repertoire at Zygotic Genome Activation
M. Gao - M. Veil, M. Rosenblatt, A. Gebhard et al. - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,

Gene expression in immortalized versus primary isolated cardiac endothelial cells
L. Deng - L. Pollmeier, Q. Zhou, S. Bergemann et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

Widespread correlation of KRAB zinc finger protein binding with brain-developmental gene expression patterns
G. Farmiloe - G. Lodewijk, S. Robben, E. van Bree - The Royal Society,

Interpretable detection of novel human viruses from genome sequencing data
J. Bartoszewicz - A. Seidel, B. Renard - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2020

Engineering of Effector Domains for Targeted DNA Methylation with Reduced Off-Target Effects
D. Hofacker - J. Broche, L. Laistner, S. Adam et al. - MDPI AG,

Draft Genome Sequences of 12 Leuconostoc carnosum Strains Isolated from Cooked Ham Packaged in a Modified Atmosphere and from Fresh Sausages
F. Candeliere - S. Raimondi, G. Spampinato, M. Tay et al. - American Society for Microbiology,

BOOTABLE: Bioinformatics benchmark tool suite for applications and hardware
M. Hanussek - F. Bartusch, J. Krüger - Elsevier BV, 2020

Unsupervised Knowledge Transfer for Object Detection in Marine Environmental Monitoring and Exploration
M. Zurowietz - T. Nattkemper - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020

Computing the Rearrangement Distance of Natural Genomes
L. Bohnenkämper - M. Braga, D. Doerr, J. Stoye - Springer International Publishing, 2020

Horizontal Gene Transfer Phylogenetics: A Random Walk Approach
G. Sevillya, D. Doerr, Y. Lerner, J. Stoye, M. Steel, S. Snir - Oxford University Press (OUP), 2019

SEQing: web-based visualization of iCLIP and RNA-seq data in an interactive python framework
M. Lewinski - Y. Bramkamp, T. Köster, D. Staiger - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2019

Accessible and reproducible mass spectrometry imaging data analysis in Galaxy
M. Föll - L. Moritz, T. Wollmann, M. Stillger et al. - Oxford University Press (OUP), 2019

A Galaxy-based training resource for single-cell RNA-sequencing quality control and analyses
G. Etherington - N. Soranzo, S. Mohammed, W. Haerty et al. - Oxford University Press (OUP),

Full-coverage native RNA sequencing of HIV-1 viruses
A. Gener - J. Kimata - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,

mPies: a novel metaproteomics tool for the creation of relevant protein databases and automatized protein annotation
J. Werner - A. Géron, J. Kerssemakers, S. Matallana-Surget - Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019

Tool recommender system in Galaxy using deep learning
A. Kumar - B. Grüning, R. Backofen - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,

Highly efficient library preparation for Ion Torrent sequencing using Y-adapters
L. Forth - D. Höper - Future Science Ltd,

Maternally regulated gastrulation as a source of variation contributing to cavefish forebrain evolution
J. Torres-Paz - J. Leclercq, S. Rétaux - eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd,

Deciphering the Functioning of Microbial Communities: Shedding Light on the Critical Steps in Metaproteomics
A. Géron - J. Werner, R. Wattiez, P. Lebaron - Frontiers Media SA, 2019

Mutations of R882 change flanking sequence preferences of the DNA methyltransferase DNMT3A and cellular methylation patterns
M. Emperle - S. Adam, S. Kunert, M. Dukatz et al. - Oxford University Press (OUP),

An intrinsically disordered proteins community for ELIXIR
N. Davey - M. Babu, M. Blackledge, A. Bridge et al. - F1000 Research Ltd,

Interplay and Targetome of the Two Conserved Cyanobacterial sRNAs Yfr1 and Yfr2 in Prochlorococcus MED4
S. Lambrecht - Y. Kanesaki, J. Fuss, B. Huettel et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

Development of novel microsatellite markers for Alkanna tinctoria  by comparative transcriptomics
M. Ahmad - D. Lazic, K. Hansel‐Hohl, C. Lexer - Wiley,

ΔN-Tp63 Mediates Wnt/β-Catenin-Induced Inhibition of Differentiation in Basal Stem Cells of Mucociliary Epithelia
M. Haas - J. Gómez Vázquez, D. Sun, H. Tran et al. - Elsevier BV,

Candida auris in Germany and Previous Exposure to Foreign Healthcare
A. Hamprecht - A. Barber, S. Mellinghoff, P. Thelen et al. - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),

Pheno-seq – linking visual features and gene expression in 3D cell culture systems
S. Tirier - J. Park, F. Preußer, L. Amrhein et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019

Bhlhe40 and Bhlhe41 transcription factors regulate alveolar macrophage self‐renewal and identity
R. Rauschmeier - C. Gustafsson, A. Reinhardt, N. A‐Gonzalez et al. - EMBO,

GRUU-Net: Integrated convolutional and gated recurrent neural network for cell segmentation
T. Wollmann - M. Gunkel, I. Chung, H. Erfle et al. - Elsevier BV, 2019

PathwayMatcher: proteoform-centric network construction enables fine-granularity multiomics pathway mapping
L. Sánchez - B. Burger, C. Horro, A. Fabregat et al. - Oxford University Press (OUP),

Cyclization of RGD Peptides by Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling
I. Kemker - C. Schnepel, D. Schröder, A. Marion - American Chemical Society (ACS), 2019

U2AF65assemblies drive sequence‐specific splice site recognition
M. Tari - V. Manceau, J. Matha Salone, A. Kobayashi et al. - EMBO,

A pan-cancer analysis of synonymous mutations
Y. Sharma - M. Miladi, S. Dukare, K. Boulay et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

de.NBI Cloud federation through ELIXIR AAI
P. Belmann - B. Fischer, J. Krüger, M. Procházka et al. - F1000 Research Ltd, 2019

Hyperparameter optimization for image analysis: application to prostate tissue images and live cell data of virus-infected cells
C. Ritter - T. Wollmann, P. Bernhard, M. Gunkel et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019

BIIGLE2Go—A scalable image annotation system for easy deployment on cruises
M. Zurowietz - D. Langenkamper, T. Nattkemper - IEEE, 2019

A chromosome-level sequence assembly reveals the structure of the Arabidopsis thaliana Nd-1 genome and its gene set
B. Pucker - D. Holtgräwe, K. Stadermann, K. Frey et al. - Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2019

Reproducible Scientific Workflows for High Performance and Cloud Computing
F. Bartusch - M. Hanussek, J. Kruger, O. Kohlbacher - IEEE, 2019

BOOTABLE: Bioinformatics Benchmark Tool Suite
M. Hanussek - F. Bartusch, J. Kruger, O. Kohlbacher - IEEE, 2019

Influence of Urbanization on Epiphytic Bacterial Communities of the Platanus × hispanica Tree Leaves in a Biennial Study
J. Espenshade - S. Thijs, S. Gawronski, H. Bové et al. - Frontiers Media SA,

Intercellular communication is required for trap formation in the nematode-trapping fungus Duddingtonia flagrans
L. Youssar - V. Wernet, N. Hensel, X. Yu et al. - Public Library of Science (PLoS),

Insight into the genome and brackish water adaptation strategies of toxic and bloom-forming Baltic Sea Dolichospermum sp. UHCC 0315
J. Teikari - R. Popin, S. Hou, M. Wahlsten et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

Biomolecular Reaction and Interaction Dynamics Global Environment (BRIDGE)
T. Senapathi - S. Bray, C. Barnett, B. Grüning - Oxford University Press (OUP),

CAMISIM: simulating metagenomes and microbial communities
A. Fritz - P. Hofmann, S. Majda, E. Dahms et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019

Endothelial cell mineralocorticoid receptors oppose VEGF-induced gene expression and angiogenesis
A. Lother - L. Deng, M. Huck, D. Fürst et al. - Bioscientifica,

Tools for Understanding miRNA–mRNA Interactions for Reproducible RNA Analysis
A. Bagnacani - M. Wolfien, O. Wolkenhauer - Springer New York,

Genome-Wide Analysis of the Nucleosome Landscape in Individuals with Coffin-Siris Syndrome
A. Kalmbach - C. Schröder, L. Klein-Hitpass, K. Nordström et al. - S. Karger AG,

QuanTP: A Software Resource for Quantitative Proteo-Transcriptomic Comparative Data Analysis and Informatics
P. Kumar - P. Panigrahi, J. Johnson, W. Weber et al. - American Chemical Society (ACS),

Proteogenomic Analysis of Epibacterium Mobile BBCC367, a Relevant Marine Bacterium Isolated From the South Pacific Ocean
S. Matallana-Surget - J. Werner, R. Wattiez, K. Lebaron et al. - Frontiers Media SA, 2018

FOXG1 Regulates PRKAR2B Transcriptionally and Posttranscriptionally via miR200 in the Adult Hippocampus
S. Weise - G. Arumugam, A. Villarreal, P. Videm et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

Combination treatment of acute myeloid leukemia cells with DNMT and HDAC inhibitors: predominant synergistic gene downregulation associated with gene body demethylation
N. Blagitko-Dorfs - P. Schlosser, G. Greve, D. Pfeifer et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC,

MAIA—A machine learning assisted image annotation method for environmental monitoring and exploration
M. Zurowietz - D. Langenkämper, B. Hosking, H. Ruhl - Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2018

eggNOG 5.0: a hierarchical, functionally and phylogenetically annotated orthology resource based on 5090 organisms and 2502 viruses
J. Huerta-Cepas - D. Szklarczyk, D. Heller, A. Hernández-Plaza et al. - Oxford University Press (OUP), 2018

Aequatus: an open-source homology browser
A. Thanki - N. Soranzo, J. Herrero, W. Haerty - Oxford University Press (OUP),

ganon: precise metagenomics classification against large and up-to-date sets of reference sequences
V. Piro - T. Dadi, E. Seiler, K. Reinert - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2018

Common ELIXIR Service for Researcher Authentication and Authorisation
M. Linden - M. Prochazka, I. Lappalainen, D. Bucik et al. - F1000 Research Ltd, 2018

Characterization of Bathyarchaeota genomes assembled from metagenomes of biofilms residing in mesophilic and thermophilic biogas reactors
I. Maus - M. Rumming, I. Bergmann, K. Heeg et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2018

Galaxy HiCExplorer: a web server for reproducible Hi-C data analysis, quality control and visualization
J. Wolff - V. Bhardwaj, S. Nothjunge, G. Richard et al. - Oxford University Press (OUP),

Community-Driven Data Analysis Training for Biology
B. Batut - S. Hiltemann, A. Bagnacani, D. Baker et al. - Elsevier BV,

Genomics and prevalence of bacterial and archaeal isolates from biogas-producing microbiomes
I. Maus - A. Bremges, Y. Stolze, S. Hahnke et al. - Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2017

Workflows for microscopy image analysis and cellular phenotyping
T. Wollmann - H. Erfle, R. Eils, K. Rohr - Elsevier BV, 2017

Bioinformatics for NGS-based metagenomics and the application to biogas research
S. Jünemann - N. Kleinbölting, S. Jaenicke, C. Henke et al. - Elsevier BV, 2017

BIIGLE 2.0 - Browsing and Annotating Large Marine Image Collections
D. Langenkämper - M. Zurowietz, T. Schoening, T. Nattkemper - Frontiers Media SA, 2017