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Enable concurrent sessions for Guacamole

Per default, the Guacamole research environment allows for one concurrent session per username on the machine. Therefore multiple persons can not be logged in with the same username.
To have multiple persons logged in with different usernames, you will need to add them first by following these steps.

Add user to research environment

If you have not done so already add the user to your research environment in the instance detail page under "User management".


Add new user to the machine

With guacamole

Access Guacamole as usual using the link provided in "How to connect" of your virtual machine in the instance overview or detail page.

Open the terminal

Open a new terminal window (see image).

Create a new user

Add a new user using the following command:

$ sudo adduser USERNAME

Instead of USERNAME use the actual name that you want to use. It can be chosen arbitrarily. It is important that you remember the password when it is asked. The other questions can be left blank (just use enter to skip). A new home directory will be created for USERNAME.

Grant root privileges (optional)

If you want to give the new user root (admin) privileges use the following command:

$ sudo usermod -aG sudo USERNAME

Fill in the actual name for USERNAME.

Install gedit (optional)

If you are unfamiliar with the editors nano or vi it makes sense to install gedit as it is easier to use. In order to install gedit, use the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install gedit

Add user to Guacamole

Now you need to add the new user to Guacamole. If you installed gedit use it to open this file:

$ sudo gedit /etc/guacamole/user-mapping.xml

Otherwise, use the editor of your choice, e.g. vi:

$ sudo vi /etc/guacamole/user-mapping.xml

Add the following lines to the file (in between the tags <user-mapping>, but after the tag </authorize>, see image):



        <connection name="Ubuntu Server">
                <param name="hostname"></param>
                <param name="port">3389</param>
                <param name="username">USERNAME-YOU-CREATED</param>
                <param name="password">PASSWORD-YOU-CREATED</param>


Here you will need to fill the following four variables.
USERNAME-FOR-WEB-LOGIN and PASSWORD-FOR-WEB-LOGIN will be the credentials the user will log in with when using the web browser. The can be the same as the credentials you used when creating the user but they also can be different.
USERNAME-YOU-CREATED and PASSWORD-YOU-CREATED are the username and password you chose when creating the new user.

Save and close the file (use STRG + s in order to save, if you are using gedit).


Now another user can log in with the credentials USERNAME-FOR-WEB-LOGIN and PASSWORD-FOR-WEB-LOGIN to start a concurrent session while you are running your main session using the default credentials. Please note that you need to repeat this process (with different usernames) for every user which wants to run a concurrent Guacamole session on this virtual machine.