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Instance overview

On the “Instance Overview” you can list virtual machines, get more information, and manage them.


1. Pagination

Set how many VMs you want to see on a page and scroll through the pages.

2. Filter

Filter the list of VMs:

  • By username
  • By project name
  • By a users Elixir ID
  • By an OpenStack VM ID
  • By vm name
  • By flavor name

Click Filter.

3. Action on many machines

Trigger an action on all selected virtual machines.
Select all or select specific machines.

4. General information

See the name, the status, the project, and the creator of the virtual machine.
Click on the name to get to the Detail page. Click on the project name to get to the Project overview.

5. Descriptive icons

Get a quick overview of the configuration:

  • See the amount of volumes mounted to the vm.
  • See the installed research environment and whether it installed correctly.
    Hover to read the name.
    Click the icon to copy the URL of your browser-based research environment.
  • See the amount of conda tools installed on the virtual machine at launch and whether they installed correctly.

6. Flavor and Image

Which flavor and image the virtual machine runs on.

7. Virtual machine detail page

Go to the virtual machine detail page.

8. How to connect

Get commands and information on how to connect to your virtual machine.


  1. The commands you find here differ depending on the chosen configuration.
  2. Click to copy only the command, not the descriptive text.

9. Action on one machine

Perform actions on the machine.
Depending on the status, you only see a selection of actions.


Attach Volume

Attach an existing volume. This action shows when the machine is active and running.

Detach Volume

Detach an attached volume. This action shows when the machine is active and running.

Stop VM

Shutoff the virtual machine.

Resource usage

A vm in “SHUTOFF” state still consumes resources.

Reboot VM

Soft or hard reboot the virtual machine.
A soft reboot attempts a graceful shut-down and restart of the instance. A hard reboot power cycles the instance.1

Create snapshot

Take a snapshot of the virtual machine.
You, or a project member, can boot a new virtual machine from it. For more information on snapshots, see here.

Delete VM

Delete the virtual machine.
Any attached volume gets detached and not deleted.

Backup your data

All data on the machine gets deleted. Make sure to back up data you can't lose. See here for backup recommendations.

Resume/Restart VM

Boot up the "SHUTOFF" virtual machine.

Last update: December 28, 2022