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Best Practices and Support


It is advised to add your participants to your project a couple of days beforehand. This will help with a smoother start of your workshop. They will need to have or make an account for the de.NBI portal in order for you to add them. If you are not sure if they have an account you can send your participants the wiki site where the registration process is explained.

SSH keys

It is important to understand that some users do not understand how SSH keys work. Therefore, it is important to explain the users the basic concept of them, in case that they have no prior knowledge about them. Furthermore, it is important to tell users to pay attention if they create a key pair using the de.NBI portal. While the public key is stored on the portal, they need to safe the private key and move it to the .ssh folder in the home directory. As workshops tend to have a lot of new content and participant may be overwhelmed, it is very important to explain them these steps patiently and make sure everyone follows through, as they will not be able to access their machines later on, if they lose their private key.

Trouble Shooting

If you experience troubles, have feedback on our services or have a special request please do not hesitate to contact us under