Access the cloud

1. Register

Register for an Elixir-account and apply for membership in the de.NBI virtual organisation. Read more about the registration process here.

2. Login

Log in to our portal to manage your projects and project members

Apply for computational resources

1. Login

Log in to our portal with your existing Elixir-account.

2. Select Project

Select a project type in „New Application“. Learn more about project types.

3. Submit

Fill out the application-form for the selected project-type. Check your entered data and submit your application.

4. Review

Now the application will be reviewed by the cloud-committe.

5. Approval

As soon as your application gets approved you will be notified. If it get’s declined you may modify your application or submit a new application.

6. Allocation

The requested resources are now allocated in de.NBI Cloud. You can access your project and manage it within our portal.

7. Add Members

Add members to your project, so your team and group members can participate in the project.