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You can register for the de.NBI Cloud using an ELIXIR account. The registration is done via this link.

Step 1: Select your identity provider

First you have to select an identity provider where you have already an account:

Elixir Login


If you can not find your institution, you can as you see in the screenshot use a Google, LinkedIn or ORCID account. If a project applicant is using a Google, LinkedIn or ORCID account further identity verification checks must be done after the application is submitted. You can also at any time connect your ELIXIR account to as many other identity providers as you want through your ELIXIR profile website.

Step 2: Register for an ELIXIR account

After you are successfully logged in with the account of your identity provider, you will see the following registration page:

Elixir Registration

Clicking on submit leads you to this site:

Elixir Registration Success

This page indicates that you are now successfully registered for an ELIXIR account.

Step 3:

Once you click on the continue button (above screenshot) you can also register for a de.NBI Cloud account:

de.NBI Registration

The data in the input-field should match with the data you have entered during the Elixir registration process. After submitting the form you are finally a member of the de.NBI Cloud:

de.NBI Registration Success

After the registration you might want to apply for a de.NBI Cloud project or you can be granted access to an already existing Cloud project through the invitation function.