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Available Cloud flavors

Based on our hardware setup we provide the following default flavors that can be requested for running an image:

de.NBI default: 2 VCPUs, 2 GB RAM

This is the default flavor that can be used for running simple command line applications and for testing purposes.

de.NBI small: 8 VCPUs, 16 GB RAM

This flavor is suitable for a large number of bioinformatics applications and it is also appropriate for running a number of Docker containers or for hosting web-based software.

de.NBI medium: 16 VCPUs, 32 GB RAM

This flavour can be used for applications with higher memory requirements.

de.NBI large: 32 VCPUs, 64 GB RAM

For applications that can efficiently run several threads in parallel and for tools that have large memory requirements we provide this flavor.

Special flavors

Other flavors can be provided upon request if necessary. Based on our server configurations we can provide up to 3 TB of RAM and up to 160 vCPUs in single VM. Depending on the location, there are also flavors specified for using GPU machines (NVIDIA Tesla Series).