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Start and manage virtual machines with ease and let SimpleVM take care of various settings for you.

Easy setup
SimpleVM runs in a pre-configured network setup. You don't have to set up anything, start your VM with just some clicks. Afterward, you only need to install the tools you need to work on your project. Even then, SimpleVM might already offer to do it for you. See New instance for more details.
SSH access
SimpleVM configures the SSH access for you and provides you with all appropriate commands for SSH access. See Keypairs for more details.
Browser-based access
SimpleVM can configure browser-based access to your VM based on your chosen research environment, like RStudio, Apache Guacamole or VSCode.
It further provides you with a custom URL. See Research environments for more details.
Tools and environment setup
SimpleVM can set up a Conda environment and install tools of your choosing from various Conda channels. See Conda for more details.
Volume management
Manage your volumes with SimpleVM. Create, attach and mount them to your virtual machines. See Volumes for more details.
Snapshot management
Manage vm snapshots with SimpleVM. Create a snapshot of a virtual machine and start new virtual machines with that snapshot, saving time by not having to configure machines with the same settings. See Images and Snapshots for more details.
Cluster management
Manage clusters with SimpleVM. Create a cluster, remove, and add nodes. See Cluster for more details.
Machine management
Manage your virtual machines with SimpleVM. You can stop, reboot, manage volume attachments, and delete your vms on one page. See Instance overview for more details.
Workshop management
Manage your workshops with SimpleVM. You can create workshops, add users and administrators, start virtual machines for all users, and email them information about their personal virtual machine. See Workshop for more details.

Last update: December 28, 2022