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Project Overview

Project Overview

In the "Project Management" sidebar your projects are listed and by clicking on a project tab the detailed overview opens. Project Overview Tab

The following actions are only available for a project manager:

  • Overview of all project members. Project managers are colored in blue.

  • Appoint another member as admin (project manager).

  • Remove the admin (project manager) state.

  • Remove a member from this project.

  • Add another user to this project by inserting their name, email or even ELIXIR ID and clicking on add member.

  • Add a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).


Inviting Members

Through invitation links users can be easily added to a de.NBI Cloud project. The process is the following:

  • Step 1: Send the invitation link which you can find in the "Add Member" modal to the user you want to add (see figure of the previous section).

  • Step 2: By using this link the user will be requested to register for an ELIXIR and de.NBI Cloud account. In the final step the user also registers for your project.

Invitation Registration

  • Step 3: You will be informed by mail as soon as the user submits an application. You can then approve the application in the application modal. Once the application is approved the user will have access to your project.

application invitation