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Using Vault

For general information about Vault, please visit Vault on github.

Logging into Vault

You can find the Vault ui here.

OIDC popup

To log in with OIDC you need to have popups allowed for the vault login page! If the login is buggy after allowing popups, please reload the page.

The tab with OIDC as login method should be openeded by default. If the 'other' tab is opened, switch to the OIDC tab.
Log in with OIDC as method and leave the role field blank.

Reading a secret

After logging in you should see the 'Secrets' tab.
To access a secret, click on the compute center you want to access and put in your Elixir ID at the View secret prompt:
If there is no secret which you are allowed to read at this path, you will get a 404 error.


To get your Elixir ID, please visist the Profile page of the portal. There you will find your Elixir ID.

Click on the eye-icon to read the secret value or click on the copy button next to it to copy the secret value directly.

Share a one time secret

You have the possibility to have Vault wrap a JSON and create a token, which can be used to unwrap the JSON once.
Every user that is able to log in with OIDC has access to the wrapping and unwrapping tools.


In the headbar, click on 'Tools'. At the left, click on 'Wrap'.
Here you can write a JSON and choose how long the token should be valid. Click on 'Wrap data' and afterwards you can share the token.


In the headbar, click on 'Tools'. At the left, click on 'Lookup'.
Here you can input the wrapping token. If the token got already unwrapped or is not valid anymore, an error message appears.


In the headbar, click on 'Tools'. At the left, click on 'Unwrap'. Here you can input the wrapping token. After clicking on 'Unwrap data' you should be able to see the whole JSON.