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de.NBI Cloud Freiburg

Welcome to the de.NBI Cloud site Freiburg. Freburg is offering access to cloud resources via the Galaxy Gateway and the European Galaxy server.

Site Specific Information

Get Started - the GUI Way

The Galaxy Training Network is providing more than 130 trainings, ready to use on the European Galaxy server with e-learning materials. Learn how to start workflows, how to upload thousands of datasets and group them into paired-end collections, directly interact with ENA or SRA, or learn how to use one of our 2500 tools.

Get Started - the API way

You can control all aspects of Galaxy via a powerful API. The most obvious use-case is to start workflows programmatically or via GitHub actions. Learn more about Galaxy's API and especially the Python bindings, called BioBlend, in the Galaxy Training Network or play around with our Jupyter Notebooks.

Interactive Tools, Notebooks and Virtual Desktops

The Galaxy framework allows us to deploy some nifty things easily in the cloud. Check out to start your Jupyter Notebook, RStudio instance or other virtual Desktop or de.NBI projects like Wilson. All of those interactive environments can be combined with Galaxy workflows and you have access to your Galaxy storage, called histories. This will enable you to combine the best of both worlds, the asynchronous world of workflow scheduling and the synchronous world of Notebooks.

Special Infrastructure for Training, Workshops and e-learning

TIaaS (Training Infrastructure as a Service) is a special service offered by de.NBI Freiburg. With TIaaS you will get for your workshop (or remote training event):

  • private queue where only your training’s jobs will run,
  • no admin knowledge needed,
  • official Galaxy Training Materials are guaranteed to work and regularly tested,
  • your own dashboard, with information about your trainees, how they process and if they have problems in a GDPR compliant way.

TIaaS also works with the interactive tools, so you can also run your Python or R workshop inside the de.NBI cloud with Notebooks for every trainee and no administration overhead.

Access to de.NBI Cloud Freiburg

You can use Galaxy anonymously if you prefer, but if you want to have persistent storage and run many hundreds of jobs in parallel, you need to create an account. We recommend using a LifeScience AAI to login. If you have any questions, please contact us at


We provide all registered users a quota of 250 GB. You can request more storage space for a limited time by visiting


Check out our latest news at and new planned events at