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6th de.NBI Cloud User Meeting 2023 - Registration Open

For more than 5 years the de.NBI Cloud has provided free of charge computing resources to the life sciences community in Germany. Scientists involved in various research topics, such as metagenomics, medical imaging, epigenetics, and plant biology benefit from the opportunities provided by the de.NBI Cloud. This year, we are again organizing the de.NBI Cloud user meeting as an in-person event at the DJH Youth Hostel in Bielefeld, Germany from November 27th - 29th, 2023. Participation is free of charge, but attendees are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

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SimpleVM puts an emphasis on simplicity when managing Virtual Machines (VMs) in the Cloud. ➤ Read more



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de.NBI Cloud Brochure

We are delighted to present our new de.NBI brochure entitled “Development and operation of the federated de.NBI Cloud“. This brochure showcases the power, strength, and range of the de.NBI Cloud for the life science community by providing the ability to unlock research data and better collaborate across the ecosystem.

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Graph database of biological functional units

Dilmurat Yusuf

The de.NBI Cloud has proven to be outstanding in terms of stability and the responsiveness of their help desk, all offered completely free of charge! We deeply appreciate having such a remarkable cloud service at our disposal for academic purposes. Without it, finding a readily available alternative would be quite challenging. Read more...

Interactions in the bacterial pathobiome associated with crown gall disease: coexistence or competition?

Nemanja Kuzmanović

The de.NBI cloud provided us with the easy accessible and scalable working environment which we could freely adapt to serve our research needs. When necessary, the de.NBI support team provided us with prompt assistance. Taken together, de.NBI cloud have proven to be indispensable for our bioinformatics analyses, and enabled planning of new research projects. Read more...

Transposon element annotation in the hordeum species

Jia-Wu Feng and Martin Mascher

In our research, we assembled and annotated genomes of 25 species within the Hordeum genus, a task demanding significant computational resources due to large genome sizes. The de.NBI Cloud platform provided crucial support, offering an efficient computing environment and robust resources, enabling us to make progress in annotating transposon elements and ensuring the proj… Read more...

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New Testimonial on OpenStack and the de.NBI Cloud

Nov 16, 2023
Dr. Dilmurat Yusuf from the Bioinformatics Group of the University of Freiburg has submitted a new testimonial in which he describes how the use of the de.NBI Cloud has facilitated the research work of his working group and emphasises the reliability of the infrastructure and the support provided. Read more...

New Testimonial: Interactions in the bacterial pathobiome associated with crown gall disease

Nov 06, 2023
Nemanja Kuzmanović from the Institute of Plant Protection in Horticulture and Urban Green of the Julius Kühn Institute has written a new testimonial on the work within the de.NBI Cloud. Read more...

New testimonial relating to Transposon element annotation

Oct 16, 2023
Jia-Wu Feng and Martin Mascher from the Domestication Genomics at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) have submitted a testimonial in which they give an insight into their work in the de.NBI Cloud in the context of Transposon element annotation. Read more...