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What our users say about the de.NBI Cloud


Steffen Neumann

Having the de.NBI cloud, we can easily crunch through some large-scale metabolomics data sets using the containerised workloads we have developed in the PhenoMeNal-H2020.EU project.
Scaling up in case of peak usage, e.g. in a training event,works like a charm.



Roman Zoun

We use the de.NBI cloud since 2017 to serve the MetaProteomeAnalyzer software to the metaproteomics community. Now, three times more users analyses their experiments using our software. Our next step is to evolve the software to an analytical platform for mass spectrometry experiments on the de.NBI Cloud using automatic scalable cloud architecture, the SMACK stack.

Baltic Sea Research

Baltic Sea Research

Johannes Werner

Thanks to de.NBI Cloud, we are able to conduct almost all aspects of large-scale microbial community analyses, such as 16S amplicon analysis, metagenomics, metatranscriptomics and metaproteomics. With the availability and support of de.NBI Cloud, we have created a working and learning environment for undergraduate, PhD students and Postdocs to develop and improve their reproducible workflows and analyses.

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