What is SimpleVM?

SimpleVM streamlines the launch of single Virtual Machines (VMs). It takes care of the network setup, SSH access and other tasks like e.g. volume mounts and provides the user with quick access to the machine. Once you have configured your VM to your liking e.g. by installing software, it can be shared simply by creating a snapshot and providing this snapshot to other users.

What are typical use cases?

Tools and Pipelines - SimpleVM allows you to get up and running with your favorite tools and pipelines very quick.

Remote Desktop - Launch your own desktop in the cloud and be able to run programs with graphical user interface - in addition to the command-line.

Research Environments - Popular tools and environments such as RStudio® can be used directly in the cloud - via your browser

Workshops - Conduct workshops in the cloud. Prepare the machine for your participants at your convenience and start them in no time.

Cluster - Start and scale clusters of virtual machines - exactly according to your requirements.

Why should you choose SimpleVM as your de.NBI Cloud project type?


Ease of Use

SimpleVM lets you start and stop VMs with a few click. It is very beginner-friendly and does not require any complex configuration.


Flat Learning Curve

If you want to use SimpleVM you don’t have to learn about resource management, like network configurations or storage management. No background knowledge in cloud computing is necessary.


Remote Desktop and Research Environments

If you don’t want to use SimpleVM via terminal you can easily connect to your VM using a remote desktop or use tools like RStudio® in the cloud.


This project type offers a variety of different resources and images that can be used. Below you can see examples of flavours and of usable images.
Research environments

Our Research Environment feature allows you to use familiar and popular tools such as RStudio directly in the cloud, complete with graphical interface.

Thats what users say

We could not conduct most of our research projects without the de.NBI cloud.

Testimonials for this project type

Computational solutions from data science and machine learning to solve biomedical problems

Our research focuses on developing computational solutions from data science and machine learning to solve biomedical problems. In addition, we aim to develop new methods and algorithms, e.g., for analyzing (meta-)genomic and (meta-)transcriptomic data of microorganisms Read more...

de.NBI Cloud in teaching

Through all of these projects, we have greatly appreciated the interaction with the de.NBI cloud team who has provided tremendous support and responded quickly to various demands for extensions and provided constant expertise to set up the infrastructure. Read more...

de.NBI Cloud enables Next Generation Plant Science

We integrate genomic, transcriptomic, and metabolomic data of multiple plant species to decipher specialized biosynthesis networks. Plants produce a plethora of specialized metabolites. Understanding the complex connections of biosynthesis pathways requires the analysis of large data sets. Read more...

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