Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is reaching EOL (End Of Life) this May - Upgrade required

21.04.2023 - 07:03
Dear de.NBI Cloud Bielefeld users, as the now 5 year old operating system version "Ubuntu 18.04" is officially reaching EOL (End Of Life) next month, Canonical is ending support for security updates for this version. To find out if you need to upgrade any of your instances, please check the Ubuntu version e.g. by using the command "lsb_release -r". Users with instances still running Ubuntu 18.04 basically have two options: - In-place system upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 using "do-release-upgrade" (https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/upgrade-introduction) or - Freshly rebuilding the instance (OpenStack Dashboard: "Rebuild Instance") with a more recent image (e.g. Ubuntu 22.04) after having backed up any relevant data from the root disk and ephemeral disk (e.g. to a volume). This will delete all data on the root disk and ephemeral disk. Having up-to-date security is especially important for public-facing instances like e.g. public web services or websites. Best regards, de.NBI Cloud Bielefeld