[de.NBI Cloud Tuebingen Production] de.NBI Cloud problems in Region Two solved

28.01.2022 - 11:01
Dear users of the de.NBI Cloud in Tübingen, we would like to thank you all for your patience and I apologize again for the inconvenience. I come to you today with good news: we have managed to get the problem under control and are in the process of cleaning up our systems. Theoretically, it should be possible to boot instances in Region Two by now. Therefore, we hereby officially announce a release for our cloud services. Users of Region One were not affected by the problems, so those can just skip the mail until the nice weekend part. If you want to boot your instances up until next week, please do not boot them all at once, but always take a 5 minute break between each boot to avoid overloading the nodes after the long downtime. If you encounter any problems, please don't push around wildly on the de.NBI Uni Tübingen web interface. Contact us, we are still available for inquiries in the early afternoon today and are also roughly monitoring the systems over the course of the weekend. Please contact me or my colleague Johannes Werner (johannes.werner@uni-tuebingen.de). You are also welcome to write to us if your instance is working but you encounter other irregularities. Finally, we wish you a nice weekend and a successful continuation of your work in our de.NBI Cloud! On behalf of the de.NBI Cloud Tübingen, Fabian Paz