Network maintenance de.NBI Cloud site Tübingen

24.09.2021 - 08:36
Dear de.NBI Cloud user of the de.NBI Cloud site Tübingen, we want to remind you that we have to make some maintenance work on our network regarding Region2. We will start them today, Monday 17.05.21 at 09:00 CEST until 20:00 CEST. During this time you might not be able to connect to VMs running in Region2 and also the VMs might not be able to receive incoming connections or make outgoing connections. But the VMs itself should run as usual. Please make sure you do not transfer any data during this time or handle this otherwise to avoid any data corruption. We will inform you as soon as the maintenance is finished. On behalf of the de.NBI Cloud Team Tübingen, Maximilian Hanussek