DNS Server Information

24.09.2021 - 08:19
Dear de.NBI cloud user, unfortunately we encountered some dns issues after our network migration. So you might had problems to login at our portal: https://denbi-cloud.bihealth.org This issue is fixed now and login works again. If you encounter servers, who do not have internet access, you might need to reboot them to automatically get the correct [„“, „“] and for dmz server [„“, „“] ip addresses as dns servers set. This also caused problems with mounting shares. Please note, that we added a new range of floating ips to our cloud and you can see a new network „public 2“ showing up in you network topology. We recommend to use floating ips from „public 2“ for new projects, but there is no need to migrate your servers to this network as we will keep the existing „public“ floating ips. Best regards de.NBI Cloud Berlin