de.NBI Cloud in teaching


At Heidelberg University, we have been using the services of the de.NBI cloud on several occasions for research and teaching purposes. 

We are involved in a European network of bioinformatics Master Programs as part of the 4EU+ alliance and used the cloud services to provide students with the computational infrastructure for running analysis on Hi-C data and domain prediction. 

Recently, we have also run a full online ChIP-seq and ATAC-seq analysis workshop for members of Frankfurt University. Setting up the course through de.NBI using virtual machines with a Conda environment containing all necessary tools was particularly easy and efficient.

Finally, we are also using the de.NBI cloud to host a data challenge on cellular deconvolution of tumor samples, as part of the EIT Health funded project COMETH. We used de.NBI to host various web applications, through which users can upload datasets and process them through dockerized deconvolution tools.

Through all of these projects, we have greatly appreciated the interaction with the de.NBI cloud team who has provided tremendous support and responded quickly to various demands for extensions and provided constant expertise to set up the infrastructure.

Carl Herrmann
Carl Herrmann from Health Data Science Unit – Biomedical Genomics Group, Medical Faculty Heidelberg