The MetaProteomeAnalyzer software (MPA) is an intuitive open-source tool for metaproteomics data analysis and interpretation, which includes multiple search engines and the feature to decrease data redundancy by grouping protein hits to so-called metaproteins.

The development of the MPA software is ongoing and many useful features have been added since the original version was published. Furthermore, the de.NBI partner project MetaProtServ was started in 2017, which aims to make the MPA easily available to researchers using the de.NBI Cloud. To this end, the MPA is now provided as a central remote server solution by the de.NBI network that can be freely accessed and used by researchers worldwide, resembling a major step towards completely cloud based data analysis solutions ( ). Since we are part of de.NBI the number of users is three time more than before.

The MetaProteomeAnalyzer (MPA) is a Java-Application using the popular LAMP-Stack to store protein and spectrum data. In order to provide the MPA as a full cloud-based solution, the software is reimplemented to adapt to future technologies. The centerpiece of this reimplementation is the replacement of the LAMP stack with the SMACK stack. Therefore, we implemented a cloud-based platform on the SMACK stack (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka) for scalable streamlined protein identification on the de.NBI Cloud.

The initialization of the cloud project was easily possible and the published tutorials helped us to access all endpoints with only one public IP. The cloud is highly available and we appreciate the good and responsive support we get from de.NBI admins.


from left to right: Gunter Saake, Kay Schallert, Roman Zoun, Dirk Benndorf

Roman Zoun
Roman Zoun from , Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg