We have been using the de.NBI cloud from its very beginning to deploy and test the cloud-native application stack developed in the H2020 EU project .

If you have the de.NBI cloud access, you can install a complete kubernetes cluster with pre-configured containers for the data processing and analysis pipelines for molecular phenotype data generated by metabolomics applications with a few clicks.

We are using different instance sizes, from small test installations to larger ones to crunch through some large-scale metabolomics data sets with our containerised workloads. Scaling up in case of peak usage, e.g. in a training event, works like a charm. We can even deploy and test the application stack at different de.NBI cloud sites and demonstrate that our deployments are site-agnostic.

In the future, we are going to use the de.NBI cloud even more. Our current and upcoming bioinformatics developments are now aiming to be cloud-native from the beginning. The friendly people behind the de.NBI cloud have been instrumental in this conversion, and we also benefitted from the cloud training events organised by de.NBI.

Dr. Steffen Neumann
Dr. Steffen Neumann from , Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry